Customer satisfaction is a paramount factor for the success of a business, but managing customer interactions without automating parts of it could be hefty work. And that’s exactly why companies rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to streamline operations, enhance customer interactions, and thereby drive growth. But with numerous options available, finding a CRM that fits your business needs can be a bit tricky and that’s why we have decided to help in.

General-purpose CRMs

HubSpot CRM

It’s no exaggeration to say HubSpot is a household name in the CRM software arena. Although it comes with paid subscription options for enterprises, the free version offers plenty of features in the form of contact management, email marketing, and lead tracking.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is among the emerging leaders in the CRM industry, and its free plan comes with essential features such as contact management, sales automation, and workflow automation. Businesses can streamline their operations and automate repetitive tasks without costing an arm and a leg.


Salesforce is yet another popular name in the CRM business and has a wide range of solutions for small businesses. While this option carries a price tag, Salesforce can be an apt solution for small businesses with big ambitions and it comes with comprehensive customer management, marketing automation, sales automation, and analytics tools.

Niche-specific CRMs


BlueMortgage is a niche CRM solution designed for mortgage brokers in particular. It helps mortgage professionals optimize daily schedules, prioritize tasks, and also offers integration with other services such as Velocity, Filogix Expert, finmo, BrokrBindr, Floify and Scarlett DOS.


If you run an e-commerce business like Simply Whispers but can’t afford a custom CRM, Freshmarketer might just be the perfect fit. It offers Shopify integration, visitor tracking, automation features, multi-channel engagement, reporting and performance tools, and more.


Regardless of whether you run an orlando vacation rentals or a Miami-based hotel chain, Revinate could be a great choice for businesses based in the hospitality space. The software is packed with features such as Property Management System (PMS) segmentation, campaign automation, extensive analytics, upselling, A/B testing, integration with other services, and more.


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