Popular writing app iA Writer to get a Windows version soon.

For those using Windows-powered laptops, Microsoft Word has remained the go-to app for all kind of writing work, be it drafting official documents or penning down personal musings. However, the plethora of options to jazz up your documents sitting right at top of a Word document can be distracting when you are trying to build a tempo. In the recent past, a lot of ‘distraction free’ apps inspired by the iA Writer that has been a preferred choice for writers using iOS, Android and Mac OS for over seven years now have sprung up. Finally, the real deal is going to be available for Windows users, as iA Writer is in the process of rolling out a Windows version.

The app offers everything a writer needs to stay focused on the text.

The iA Writer app will be compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. The app comes with a custom installer feature and offers everything a writer needs to stay focused on the text. With the Windows version too, the focus of the app remains on removing distractions from the writing process to help users dive into the flow. Powering the app is a potent engine that is kept underneath the hood in a manner that it does not get in the way of your writing process unless you want it to. This allows the freedom to write your first drafts without constant prompts to correct grammar, syntax, or sentence structure. These tools can be used while editing your work to give it good structure.

Focus Mode of the app helps zeroing-in on a single sentence. Pic: Dmitry Fadeyev

The iA Writer team calls it a ‘tool for the brave’, designed to help beat the temptation to procrastinate, which most writers will agree is the biggest stumbling block in the process. The app comes loaded with a host of features, each crafted to encourage a better focus on writing. These include Folding option to compress and expand text below headlines and subheads for ease of switching between detailed and structural views, Markdown option for quick formatting without the need to access your mouse, Focus Mode to zero-in on a single sentence, Type Writer Mode to centre the cursor vertically on the screen, a Night Mode with inverted light on dark effect for writing in dark settings, a Full-Screen Mode, and a Writing Goals option that pushes you to meet your assigned goal of completing a certain number of words or pages in a day.

In addition to this, the app also has a Duo Spaced Font feature that helps in optimizing the fonts as per your preferences. There is also an easy PDF Export option, using which you can export your files to simple PDF formats in no time. The CSS Templates on the iA Writer app for Windows has been specifically crafted for businesses, offering a scope to create customized templates for previewing, exporting and printing text generated on the app. You can even embed tables, files, pictures and plain text into your writing.

The iA Writer for Windows has been launched as a Kickstarter campaign and is expected to be rolled out this month. The campaign has already surpassed its pledged goal of $21,391, with a total $22,082 raised at the time of writing. The beta version of the app was rolled out to supporters after the campaign met its first goal.



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