Here is a quick rundown of everything we know about the sequel to 2011 action sandbox game Terraria, including news, rumors, possible story, and a potential Terraria 2 release date.

Terraria 2 is a much-anticipated successor to 2011 Terraria, a critically acclaimed open-world action-adventure video game that took the gaming world by storm thanks to its unique sandbox gameplay and pixel art graphics. The original game which was available on multiple platforms, offered players hours of fun exploring, crafting, and battling bosses in a procedurally generated world. With so many news stories and rumors flying around, here is the story thus far regarding Terraria 2’s release date.

The Possible Terraria 2 Storyline

While concrete details about Terraria 2 are scarce, we do have some possible hints on the plot of this upcoming game. The game’s creator, Andrew “Redigit” Spinks, has mentioned in a 2013 interview that he intend to introduce infinite worlds in the sequel so players just aren’t stuck to just one world… and so we can expect to see more exploration opportunities and more biome diversity.

Is Terraria 2 Confirmed?

Yes, the existence of a Terraria 2 has been confirmed by none other than its developer Andrew Spinks himself. First confirmed in the 2013 interview mentioned above, Redigit has further reaffirmed a sequel possibility in a tweet last year, revealing some concept art of T2’s world map.

Is Terraria 2 Cancelled?

Sure, with Terraria Otherworld being cancelled and a sequel taking too long to release since the initial announcement, speculations on whether Terraria 2 is cancelled is quite reasonable. But thankfully, there aren’t any reports suggesting that the second installation is cancelled, and so the fans can stay hopeful!

Possible Release Date

Assuming the game has been in development on and off since 2013 and with the developer recently teasing the game actively through his Twitter handle, we could expect Terraria 2 to see the light of the day sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.


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