This list of must-have website pages could come in handy if you’re starting up a business.

Having a website up and running should be at the top of the list for anyone with a small or medium-sized business. When you or an agency is developing a website, it is always a good idea to have a checklist of everything you would like included. And to help, we have stepped in to provide you a list of five must-have pages that are to be expected from an SMB business website of all shapes and sizes.


Whether you sell aluminum melting furnace or offer indoor sporting experience like Transcend Golf, your homepage or landing page must encapsulate your brand’s essence, briefly articulate your core values, and highlight your primary offerings. Remember: first impressions matter and so you may want to add compelling visuals, concise headlines, and a user-friendly layout to capture your audience’s attention and guide them seamlessly through your site. Cloven, which is a CRM software, shines as a great example of how a landing page should look like, with a beautiful hero section featuring a fitting headline, a brief description, relevant images, and action buttons.

About page

Every superhero has an origin story, and your business is no different. This is where you share your company’s history, mission, and all the visionary brains behind it. Sharing true stories, experiences, reason why you started your business, how it differs from competition, etc. could help foster authenticity and establish a personal connection with your audience.

Products page

An individual page for each of your product or service plus an aggregator page listing all your offerings is an essential addition. The pages could have comprehensive descriptions, high-quality images, pricing details, and any pertinent specifications of the item in question.

Contact page

A user visiting your contact page would mean that they are sold on the idea and would like to make a deal or know more about your offerings. You need to make sure there is an accessible contact form, a prominently displayed email address, a phone number (if applicable), and, if relevant, your physical address. Integrating with a map service like Google maps could be another great addition.

Blog page

This is optional, but could be a great way to demonstrate your industry expertise and thought leadership. Regularly updated articles, how-to guides, informational videos and infographics can help position your business as a trusted authority within your field. Furthermore, this could also help you find new clients or customers through search engines.


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