Are you looking to fix Words Crush: Hidden Words! not working on your Android, iPhone or emulator software? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

With several million downloads across Android and iOS platforms, Words Crush: Hidden Words! is among the most popular mobile games out there right now.

But like every other game, this one too has its own share of bugs… thus causing it to not work or load.

In this article, we will be exploring why the Words Crush: Hidden Words! game may not be working on your device and provide potential fixes.

Fix for Words Crush: Hidden Words! not working on Android

Clearing Cache on Android

One of the main causes for the Words Crush: Hidden Words! game not working on Android devices is a cache buildup. This buildup occurs over time and could slow down and create errors in the game.

But fortunately, the fix is an easy one. Android users could clear the cache by simply following the steps below:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your Android device.
  2. Select the ‘Apps & Notifications’ option.
  3. Find the ‘Words Crush: Hidden Words!’ app and tap on it.
  4. Go to ‘Storage & Cache’ Click on the ‘Clear Cache’ option.

Check for Updates

Another reason why Words Crush: Hidden Words! may not be working on your Android phone or tablet could be that the app is not updated to its latest version. Developers always try to improve the app’s quality and fix any bugs in the previous version through new updates. To check for updates, head over to the Play Store and check if the Words Crush: Hidden Words! game needs updating. Once updated, the game should start functioning properly.

Changing DNS on Android

A DNS (Domain Name System) server translates domain names to IP addresses, allowing users to browse the internet. In some cases, a DNS server can cause problems while accessing the Words Crush: Hidden Words! game’s servers, resulting in the game not launching or loading.

To change the DNS settings on Android, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Network & Internet.’
  2. Now tap on ‘Private DNS’ and select ‘Private DNS provider hostname’ option.
  3. Enter a third-party DNS like (Google DNS) or (Cloudflare DNS).

If you’re still facing issues after trying out these solutions, you may want to head over to Words Crush: Hidden Words!’s support website and send a bug report.

Fix for Words Crush: Hidden Words! not working on iPhone & iPad

First things first, you need to head over to the App Store and make sure you are running the latest version of the game.

And if that didn’t fix the issue, you may proceed to changing the DNS server by following the steps below:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’, and then tap on ‘Wi-Fi’.
  2. Select the connected WiFi network. Scroll down and then tap on ‘Configure DNS’.
  3. Select Manual and enter the new DNS server.

Fixing the Issue on BlueStacks Emulator

If you’re playing Words Crush: Hidden Words! on a BlueStacks emulator and it’s not working correctly, first, try clearing the app cache from the Settings.

Also, one other thing you need to ensure is you’re running the latest version of BlueStacks on your Windows or Mac computer.

If the game is still not working, you should may be try bumping the CPU cores to 4 and RAM to 4GB in the Performance section of Settings.

Fixing it on Gameloop Emulator

If you are playing the game on the Gameloop emulator and it’s not working, restarting the Gameloop emulator and performing an update check may fix the issue.

Check if the Words Crush: Hidden Words! game needs updating and install the latest version.

Other possible fixes include making sure you are running Gameloop with admin privileges, Virtualization is enabled in the BIOS, and also that none of the firewalls are blocking the emulator.

Is Words Crush: Hidden Words! down for everyone

It is entirely possible that the game may be facing a server outage and is down for not just you but for everyone else too. Fortunately though, social handles of Words Crush: Hidden Words! is pretty active with such updates and so you may want to give them a follow to stay in the loop.


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